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Pokémon GO Tynamo Takes Over! Get Charged Up for July Community Day

Pokémon GO Tynamo Takes Over! Get Charged Up for July Community Day

Trainers, hold on to your watts! Niantic just hit us with a bolt of lightning – Tynamo, the EleFish Pokémon, is taking center stage for the July Community Day! Mark your calendars for Sunday, July 21st, because from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM local time, Tynamo will be sparking wild encounters left and right. And who knows, a Shiny Tynamo might just brighten your day!

Evolve and Unleash the Power Pokémon GO !

Feeling the evolution buzz? During Community Day, or up to five hours after, evolve your Tynamo into Eelektrik. This electrifying transformation isn’t just for show – your Eelektross will learn the powerful Fast Attack Volt Switch. Packing a punch with 12 power in Trainer Battles and a shocking 14 power for gyms and raids, Volt Switch will leave your opponents feeling the static!

Supercharge Your Adventure (Optional):

Want to amp up your Community Day experience? For a cool USD $1.00 (or equivalent local currency), you can snag the exclusive Tynamo Community Day Special Research story. Dive into the electrifying world of Tynamo, complete exciting challenges, and power up your Trainer journey with shockingly good rewards!

Spread the Sparks of Friendship (Gift Option):

The electric fun doesn’t have to stop with you! You can now gift Community Day Special Research tickets to fellow Trainers you’ve reached Great Friends status with or higher! Share the electric excitement – simply tap the Special Research ticket in the shop and choose “Gift” instead of “Buy.” Remember, tickets are non-refundable (check Niantic’s Terms of Service for details).

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No Medal This Time, But All the Fun!

Just a heads-up, Trainers, this Community Day’s Special Research won’t award an in-game medal. But fear not! The electrifying adventures and awesome rewards are enough to make your hair stand on end (in a good way)!

So, Trainers, assemble! Dust off your Poké Balls, strategize your evolutions, and get ready to celebrate the dynamic Tynamo! This July Community Day promises to be an electrifying adventure that will leave you buzzing with excitement!pen_spark

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