Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC: Terrifying New Foes and Exciting Updates Await!

Elden Ring Shadow of the ErdTree Walkthrough

Shadow of the Erdtree, Elden Ring’s awaited DLC has now gone live bringing with it a fresh batch of content that is already stirring up discussions among players. Debuted June 21 for $40, the add-on not only includes new bosses and weapons but also introduces terrifying foes as well long-awaited game-changing tweaks.

Screeching Birds and Jump Scares

One of the more surprising and frightening inclusions are screech birds at Gravesite Plain. They really are as it says on the tin, these eagle-like creatures don’t attack but do let out a blood-curdling screech when you get too close that scares us half to death each time. Now, several players have taken to social media with their horror stories of these airborne terrors. Even messages in the game warn fighters to “be wary of sound,” featuring ghostly images quickly backpedaling. Even a few weeks after launch, players can be found laughing about the horrible screaming from Dark Souls 3 in Irithyll Dungeon — collect certain items and you’d hear shrieking sounds.

Gatekeeping Giants

FromSoftware casually teased re: “fearsome foes of unfathomable power,” and oho boy, that is very much for real. So, the Curseblade is one of their hardest enemies early into this new slice of DLC and it’s been doing a pretty good job gatekeeping what little content there was at the time. A lightning-fast, unpredictable and hefty hitting enemy that echoes Sekiro’s purple ninjas just preceding him as inspiration – this thing can set a grim base-line tone for the expansion. It’s a gear check, according to players – one said “it immediately brought me back to those Sekiro purple ninjas. A reminder for those who assumed the DLC pack would be a total cakewalk.

New and Expanded Content

While Shadow of the Erdtree contains its share of horrifying foes, it offers much more than just new enemies. It brings with it more than 100 new weapons, eight new weapon categories and some additional spells and spirit ashes that will be present in the final version. The new region, The Land of Shadow is as large as Limgrave and that comes with its own dungeons, bosses to conquer or discover their secrets. This expansion confirms ten great bosses, each boss guarantees to bring both a distinctive challenge and reward like any other given in the full Elden Ring experience.

You also don’t have to download the DLC if you are not prepared, as a free patch is now available that improves inventory management and makes enhancements in summoning system amongst others while also provides new hairstyles. Only one day ahead of the DLC release was this patch made available, as it went live on June 20. FromSoftware suggests you should be at level 120-150 to face Radahn and Mohg when entering part of Land of Shadow. Steam’s global achievements suggest that many players have not even taken down those aforementioned bosses, which means you’ll need to be at least halfway decent before beating anything in this DLC.

Invading Help and New Bosses

The Curseblade is not just a field enemy; it becomes a boss later in the DLC. In one fight against an enemy called Curseblade Labirith, for example, half the team needs to sit in a pool of water whilst firing or they’ll all instantly die. If you beat it then this version will become your friend and give near-impossible future bosses hell from behind them what goes around Fortress comes back alive! Back in the game, players have chimed in with their strategies and thus far nearly all agree that this demon is worth going around on multiple times – for important drops. Having the Curseblade appear this early demonstrates to players what is expected, that even more powerful foes will show up later on in the DLC.

Shadow of the Erdtree Story

The story in Shadow of the Erdtree mostly revolves around Miquella, a character that is part off the divine family on Elden Ring. In the Land of Shadow, a failed attempt to cure his sister Malenia of the Scarlet Rot has left Miquella without her body. The DLC trailers have teased an imminent war with lots of destruction, sacrifices from Miquella and the return of Messmer the Impaler who is looking like he might be main villain. Story details are tight right now, but players will be drilling into rundowns off connections between the original title and this upcoming expansion.

Gear Up for Battle

The DLC is here and the ultimate battle awaits. No matter if you are a seasoned veteran or fresh out of the gate, make sure your weapons are all maxed and everything is optimized on your build. The Land of Shadow claims to provide a new, visceral experience that brings danger at every turn. There’s the new Shadowtree Blessings that empower players and their summons, a swath of fresh weapons to use and skills to master; so much for play around with.

The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC for Elden Ring is out now and it’s added a lot to do in addition to some huge updates. The variety just writes itself: from the screeching birds who enviously circle here or there to down your spine to that damn Curseblade with a heart full of sterner stuff each time, players have much in store— as well as dread. Jump in and prove your mettle with the new horrors from FromSoftware. Prepare, gather your arms and enter the Land of Shadow to where adventures untell’d & challenges exist.

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