Nvidia’s next-gen DLSS: Your GPU About to Become a Dream Machine

Nvidia's next-gen DLSS

Nvidia’s next-gen DLSS big cheese, Jensen Huang, just spilled the beans on some next-level tech for Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), and let me tell you, it’s gonna change the game (literally).

Imagine this: you’re blasting aliens in your favorite space shooter, and your RTX GPU isn’t just pumping up the frame rate, it’s straight-up creating whole new galaxies with the power of AI. We’re talking about AI-made textures, buildings, heck, even the wacky alien enemies you’re blasting – all conjured from the silicon abyss. Huang’s talking about a future where you’re exploring a massive open world with a six-person crew. Two might be the usual handcrafted heroes, but the other four? Those could be your brand new AI buddies, brought to life with some serious DLSS magic.

This ain’t some pipe dream, either. Nvidia’s already been testing the AI waters with stuff like the AI Collaboration Engine (ACE). Remember that thing that gives those chatty NPC robots actual personalities? Yeah, that. Now picture that tech on steroids, working alongside DLSS to craft a whole new generation of in-game pals who feel way less like pre-programmed robots and more like actual people (well, almost).

But wait, there’s more! Huang also mentioned this system called “Edify” that’s basically an AI art factory. Game developers will be able to use Edify to pump out AI-generated textures, mind-blowing landscapes, and even complete 360-degree environments. This could be a game-changer (pun intended) for developers, letting them focus on the story and the fun bits while the AI handles the heavy lifting on the visual side.

Huang even hinted at games being BUILT with AI! We’re talking games that learn your playstyle and adjust the experience on the fly, or maybe even an AI assistant whispering helpful hints in your ear like a superpowered backseat gamer (cue dramatic Project G-Assist music).

Of course, all this fancy AI trickery needs some serious horsepower under the hood. But don’t worry, laptop warriors! Huang also addressed the fear of running these AI models on weaker machines. Apparently, there are some brainy techniques in the works that will let RTX GPUs crank things up for AI tasks and then power down to save battery life when they’re not needed.

So, gamers, get ready to have your minds blown. The future of gaming is looking wilder than a pixelated unicorn riding a rainbow laser, and with the power of AI, the possibilities are truly out of this world.

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