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TM Roh’s Missed Promotion: Exploring the Why Behind Samsung’s Choices

TM Roh's Missed Promotion: Exploring the Why Behind Samsung's Choices

Something big happened at Samsung! TM Roh, the head of Samsung MX (the mobile devices subsidiary), did not receive the CEO elevation many expected. Samsung Electronics will continue to have two chief executive officers in 2024. JH Han and Kyung Kye-hyun will be in charge, but JH Han will no longer be in charge of Samsung’s Video Display business unit (the TV arm).

However, that’s not all! The research and development behemoth SAIT (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology) has Kyung Kye-hyun at the helm of affairs and co-CEO.

Even though TM Roh did an excellent job guiding Samsung MX through the worldwide economic slump, he was not named co-CEO. We still need to find out why they passed.

Conversely, Jeon Young-hyun is now in charge of the Future Business Planning Unit, tasked with discovering promising new business possibilities. As a key figure in expanding Samsung’s memory, semiconductor, and battery divisions, this man is an expert in his field.

Yong Seok-woo is the new person in charge of the Visual Display Business Department (TV arm) at Samsung DX. Since December 2021, he’s been a TV development pro, taking over significant duties from JH Han, who is now a co-CEO.

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Also, the new head of Samsung Electronics’ public relations department, Kim Won-kyung, should be noticed. With his extensive background from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, this individual is poised to provide high professionalism to any team he joins.

The Future Business Planning Unit at Samsung, on the other hand? If a team of VPs were assembled to find new and exciting company prospects, they would be the Avengers of business planning. How liberating that this group is not an outpost of any preexisting company division! Great things are on the horizon for Samsung! 🚀

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