Telegram Web A v10.0 Celebrates Ten Years and Takes Center Stage

Telegram Web A v10.0 Celebrates Ten Years and Takes Center Stage

A decade of innovation, a decade of connections, and now, a groundbreaking leap forward. Telegram is turning ten, and in a monumental move, they’ve unveiled the highly anticipated Telegram Web A v10.0, a celebration of a journey that was started with version 1. x and has now evolved into something truly spectacular. So, what’s the buzz about this milestone update Let’s dive into the details of the festivities!

Accepting Your Storytelling: Telegram Stories Arrive

In the spirit of commemorating ten incredible years, Telegram introduces a game-changer – Telegram Stories! It’s not just about text anymore it’s about sharing the vivid moments of your life in a way that goes beyond the ordinary. Imagine weaving a visual narrative within your chats, adding a dynamic and personal touch to your conversations.

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Desktop Revolution: Telegram on the Go

For the desktop Spectators, Telegram has a treat in store. An experimental standalone version is now available on all desktop platforms, inviting enthusiasts and early adopters to explore the cutting-edge features at It’s not just an update it’s an invitation to be part of the next era of Telegram’s evolution.

Perfect Connection: Telegram Web A Boosted

Say goodbye to the waiting game! Telegram Web A is now turbocharged with massive connection improvements, ensuring your conversations are seamless and lightning-fast. Less loading, more chatting – because every second counts when you’re part of a global conversation.

Group calls reimagined: new connectivity

Group calls have received a facelift, promising exceptional clarity, connectivity, and functionality. It’s not just an update it’s a reimagining how you connect with your friends, family, and colleagues. Whether it’s a virtual meeting or a catch-up with friends, the revamped group calls in Telegram Web A set a new standard.

Language Breakthrough: Real-Time Translation

Premium users, get ready for a game-changing feature – real-time translation! Now, you can tap to translate entire chats, and the translations dynamically update as you scroll. It’s a nod to the global community on Telegram, breaking down language barriers for a more inclusive and connected experience.

You decide the mute time:

Need a break from notifications Custom mute durations are here to cater to your peace of mind. Whether it’s for hours, days, or weeks, the power to control your notification flow is now in your hands.

Group Dynamics: Read Time

Have you ever wondered when your messages were getting attention The ‘Seen By’ section now provides insights into group dynamics by displaying group read time. Stay in the loop and know exactly when your messages are making an impact.

Emoji v15: Animating Emojis

What’s a celebration without some fresh emojis Telegram Web A now supports the latest from Emoji v15, giving you a vibrant palette to express yourself fully in your conversations. It’s not just communication it’s a celebration of expression.

Your Stickers, Your Order

Sticker enthusiasts, cheer Telegram Web A lets you toggle the dynamic order for your sticker packs on or off. Organize your stickers just how you like them, adding a personal touch to your chats.

Improvements: Smoother Interactions

For the tech-savvy Telegram users, performance upgrades are in the spotlight. Multiple memory and performance optimizations have been implemented for a smoother, faster, and more efficient Telegram experience. It’s not just about features it’s about the fluidity of your interactions.

Resolving Bugs and Improving UI:

Telegram is not just celebrating; they’re refining the user experience. Several bugs have been patched, including issues with sending messages while uploading files and freezes while scrolling. Letters won’t mistakenly mark as read with Web A in the background, and a host of UI refinements have been added for that extra touch of polish.

Improved iPad Support: For Apple Fans

iPad users, your feedback matters! Telegram Web A now has improved iPad support, ensuring a seamless experience for those who prefer the Apple ecosystem.

Drink to the Next Decade:

As Telegram raises a virtual toast to the next decade, they extend their heartfelt thanks to the community. It’s not just a celebration of features it’s a celebration of connections, conversations, and the shared moments that make Telegram a unique platform.


Telegram’s 10th-anniversary celebration brings Web A v10.0 a leap into a new era. With features like Telegram Stories, connection improvements, revamped group calls, and real-time translation, the update emphasizes enhanced user experiences. Customizable mute durations, Emoji v15 support, and dynamic sticker packs add a personal touch. Performance upgrades, bug fixes, and improved iPad support showcase Telegram’s commitment to a polished and responsive platform. As we toast to the next decade, it’s more than an update; it’s a celebration of community, innovation, and seamless connections.

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