Telegram App & Telegram Web – 6 Reasons Why You Should Use it


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Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging app that provides end-to-end encryption for secure messaging and communication. It was launched in 2013 by brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov, who also created the Russian social network VK. In this blog post, we will discuss the various features and benefits of Telegram, as well as how to use it.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Privacy and Security: Telegram offers end-to-end encryption for all messages, ensuring that only the intended recipient can read the message. Additionally, Telegram allows users to create secret chats, which are self-destructing and cannot be forwarded or saved.
  2. Large Group Chats: Telegram can accommodate large group chats of up to 200,000 members, making it an ideal platform for communities, businesses, and organizations to communicate and collaborate.
  3. File Sharing: Telegram allows users to share files of up to 2GB in size, including documents, images, videos, and audio files. This makes it easy to share large files without having to use external file-sharing services.
  4. Cloud-Based Storage: Telegram stores all messages and media on its servers, which means that users can access their messages and media from any device with an internet connection. This also means that users don’t have to worry about losing their messages or media if they lose or break their device.
  5. Bot Integration: Telegram has a powerful API that allows developers to create bots that can automate tasks, provide information, or interact with users. There are a variety of bots available on Telegram, including news bots, weather bots, and productivity bots.
  6. Customizable Themes: Telegram allows users to customize the app’s theme, including the background, font size, and color scheme. This allows users to personalize the app to their preferences.
Telegram App & Telegram Web - Overview

How to Use Telegram:

  1. Downloading the App: Telegram is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to create an account using your phone number.
  2. Adding Contacts: To add contacts on Telegram, you can either search for their username or phone number or allow Telegram to access your contacts to see who else is on the app.
  3. Sending Messages: To send a message on Telegram, simply select the contact you want to message and type your message in the chat box. You can also send images, videos, documents, and audio files by tapping the attachment icon.
  4. Creating Group Chats: To create a group chat on Telegram, simply tap the “New Group” button and select the contacts you want to add. You can also customize the group name and photo.
  5. Using Bots: To use a bot on Telegram, simply search for the bot by its name or username and start a chat with it. Some bots require you to enter specific commands to perform tasks, while others provide information automatically.
  6. Customizing Themes: To customize the app’s theme on Telegram, simply go to Settings > Appearance > Theme and select the theme you want to use.

Telegram Web

Telegram Web is a web-based version of the Telegram messaging app that allows users to access their messages and media from any web browser. It offers many of the same features as the mobile app, including end-to-end encryption, large group chats, file sharing, cloud-based storage, and customizable themes.

To use Telegram Web, simply go to the Telegram website ( and log in using your phone number. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to access your chats, send messages, and share media just as you would on the mobile app.

One of the benefits of using Telegram Web is that you don’t need to download or install anything, making it a great option for users who don’t want to clutter their devices with unnecessary apps. Additionally, Telegram Web allows users to access their messages and media from any device with a web browser, making it a convenient option for users who switch between multiple devices throughout the day.

However, it’s important to note that Telegram Web only works when your phone is connected to the internet and logged into your Telegram account. This means that if your phone runs out of battery or loses internet connection, you won’t be able to access your messages on Telegram Web until your phone is back online.

Overall, Telegram Web is a great option for users who prefer to access their messages and media from a web browser, rather than a mobile app. It offers many of the same features and benefits as the mobile app, with the added convenience of being accessible from any device with a web browser.


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