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The Apple M3 vs. the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite: A Power Showdown

The Apple M3 vs. the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite: A Power Showdown

Change as of November 2, 2023: An early Geekbench 6 benchmark has been found before Apple M3-equipped MacBook reviews.

The short explanation is that the Snapdragon X Elite is still superior to the M3 despite being somewhat inferior in single-core performance at this early stage. Yet even the 23W Snapdragon X Elite achieves roughly 2,300 greater multicore performance, and this gap grows to over 3,400 when the power supply is increased to 80W.

More testing needs to be done, but it’s possible that Qualcomm’s processors may arrive on the market with more features. However, the early indicators are good, and Windows on ARM laptops are likely to be competitive.

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Apple M3:

Qualcomm revealed its all-new Snapdragon X Elite, the latest hotness for ARM-powered Windows laptops, only last week. It just floored us. I’ve previously stated that the future of laptops is the most promising it’s been in years. The elephant in the room was Apple’s M3 processor announcement, which happened.

What’s the big deal, anyway? If you want to know how far ARM-based computers have come, look no further than Apple. It has an advanced platform that, prejudices aside, is truly remarkable. That is an undeniable fact. The Oryon CPU-based Snapdragon X Elite will improve Windows on ARM laptops, and Apple is our best benchmark.

At least, in theory. Qualcomm was making claims about the Apple M2, while Apple was making claims about the Apple M1 and, curiously, the Intel MacBook Pro from 2014. You could make the case that this would be useful, but it’s crazy to ignore any improvements over your old gear when you’re showing off your new stuff.

It also leaves us attempting to determine where the Snapdragon X Elite may fit versus its genuine competition when it comes. Do you recall the hilarious moment from The Hangover where Alan plays Blackjack while mentally calculating the odds? After yesterday’s Apple event, I woke up looking like this.

Apple’s M3 Is a Strong Challenger:

The Apple M2 has vanished without a trace. What type of firm would release news of a new chip without providing a performance comparison to the one it replaces? Intel would be in for a world of hurt if they pretended the 13th Gen didn’t exist when they unveiled the 14th Gen.

AMD with Ryzen CPUs, and NVIDIA wouldn’t let us sleep on why its newest GPUs are a billion times better.

Apple M3:

Apple’s charts are often good for a chuckle, and this time was no different. This is gorgeous, but where is the M2? You might argue, as I’m sure at least one Apple devotee somewhere will, that individuals are more likely to upgrade from an M1 to an M3. That’s not unreasonable at all. But, in what world do people not want to see where the prior generation chip fits on that graph, which doesn’t tell us anything already?

Our understanding of how the Apple M3 and Snapdragon X Elite may compare is further aided by this. Qualcomm claimed, and then verified with benchmarking results, that the Snapdragon X Elite is 50% more efficient at handling multiple threads than the Apple M2. Furthermore, it can save up to 30% in energy compared to the M2.

Chief Editor Daniel Rubino attended the Qualcomm presentation and witnessed the Snapdragon X Elite firsthand. And he or she is just as perplexed as the rest of us.

It’s cool however; don’t worry. To put it another way, the new MacBook Pro is 11 times as quick as the fastest Intel-powered MacBook Pro, which is now around four years old. Therefore, that’s useful.

Offering the Snapdragon X Elite, Qualcomm

Apple has a habit of just doing what improves its internal metrics. But even so, it turned out to be something of a disaster.

Since Snapdragon X Elite-powered laptops, if any, won’t appear until the middle of 2024, the Apple M3 will serve as a benchmark. Quantitative information and Qualcomm’s reference hardware are currently available. Real-world data from Apple M3 notebooks will be available soon.

The main point is that it appears as though Qualcomm has done so much with its initial Oryon-based CPU that it will at least keep up and perhaps even outperform in places, which isn’t a terrible try.

Updates and Insights During the Tentative Wait

If you’re not ready to take the plunge and buy a Mac, ARM computing is the future, and it’s getting closer and closer every day. We have no clue how well Qualcomm’s newest will perform in comparison to the M3, but we should start to get an idea very soon. However, further information on the graphs would have been useful.

Regarding the epic battle between the Apple M3 and Snapdragon X Elite, our current course of action is to observe. These CPUs are cloaked in mystery, so we don’t know which one will end up being the best. The world technological advances is full of surprises, and as the release dates approach, we will begin to learn the previously unknown information and set the appropriate standards.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on breaking news from reputable sources, and keep in mind that healthy competition is what ultimately leads to improvements we can all enjoy. The best is yet to come, and exciting new breakthroughs in mobile CPUs may be on the horizon.

Keep checking back for further information as we excitedly await the debut of these cutting-edge CPUs.

I’ve updated the blog article to include the new details you supplied while still keeping it conversational. Let me know if you need any more changes or if there’s anything specific you want to add.

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