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What’s in Store for the Galaxy S24? Leaked Details and Design Surprises

What's in Store for the Galaxy S24? Leaked Details and Design Surprises

Hi there! About two months from now, the Galaxy S24 series will be officially unveiled, if all the rumours are true. It’s said that people who are really good at accessories are already getting ready for the big day, and guess what? Ice Universe, which you can always trust, leaked some new information about screen covers made for the three new phones.

Galaxy S24 Series:

If you look at the leaked picture, you’ll see that the Galaxy S24 lineup has the same general look as its older brothers. The standard plus models’ rounded corners make them more comfortable, while the Ultra versions’ sharp corners show they mean business.
But hold on, there’s a catch. The Galaxy S24 Ultra doesn’t have a curved screen like the Galaxy S23 Ultra did. The new shield has a flatter profile, which is an unexpected change. Furthermore, rumours in the wind suggest that the borders may get thinner and try to look more symmetrical.
The images show that the Galaxy S24 improves upon its predecessors by providing a more spacious and thinner display. People say that the other two types might be thicker than the ones that came before them.

For the top news, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is saying goodbye to its curved screen. Some persons out there might be performing a happy dance about it. Curved screens are cool, but let’s be honest: they’re a bother with those inadvertent touches and a real problem with screen protectors and trying to use a stylus. Not exactly a walk in the park.
Actually, curved screens are good because they make it easy to hold big phones like the 6.8-inch Galaxy S23 Ultra. There are always trade-offs in life.
The real test will be when the Galaxy S24 debuts in January 2024. There have been rumours of a titanium frame, a peak brightness of 2,500 nits, and an expensive new 48MP telephoto camera with 5x zoom that will replace the old periscope setup. Fun times are coming up!

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