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OnePlus Nord 2T Jumps into the Future with Oxygen OS 14 Open Beta 1

OnePlus Nord 2T Jumps into the Future with Oxygen OS 14 Open Beta 1

Hey there, tech enthusiasts! Get ready because OnePlus is coming back with an updated version of Oxygen OS 14 that targets the OnePlus Nord 2T. Do not assume OnePlus is slowing down. They’ve been testing their latest software on their best devices, and now the Nord 2T shines.

Indian Users: Get Ready to Be the Coolest Kid in Town!

If you find yourself in India, prepare to be amazed. OnePlus is celebrating, and you’re all welcome to come. Now that Oxygen OS 14 Open Beta is out, you can access the concert’s VIP area. Before the rest of the world ever gets a whiff of what’s cooking, you get to try out all the newest features first!

The New Oxygen OS 14 Open Beta 1: What’s Included?

What is the lowdown on this revision? It’s more than keeping up with the Android 14 crowd; OnePlus has decided to give you something extra. OxygenOS 14 skin is a new and exciting addition. As if your favorite ice cream came with a heaping helping of your favorite topping, this would be it.

Get It While You Can Because Supply Is Limited!

OnePlus Nord 2T

But there’s a catch: you’re competing in a race! Only the first 5,000 people who sign up will be allowed to join in on the action. Since this is a test version, you can expect a few hiccups. If your OnePlus Nord 2T is your constant companion, you should wait until the early adopters have found all the troublemakers before you join the fray.

All set for Oxygen OS 14 Open Beta 1 for the OnePlus Nord 2T?

You’ll need to get ready to go, though, so get to it.


Verify that you have updated your OnePlus Nord 2T to the newest OxygenOS 13.0 firmware.

Get a charge of at least 30% on it to make sure it stays with you through the upgrade.

Make some room; you’ll require at least 4 GB of free space. It’s like making more pantry space!

Learn How to Obtain It Below:

To view the exact details of your phone, go to its settings and then to “About Device.”

Click “Check for updates” and tap the top-right symbol.

The “Beta programmes” can be applied by following the on-screen instructions.

It would help if you were patient; it will take roughly three to five days for the golden ticket to arrive. Going to Settings, then About Device, and tapping “Download Now” will start the update process.

Some Difficulties En route: Existing Problems

But hold on a second. There are a few peculiarities you should be aware of:

The lock screen charging animation may only appear when you plug in the charger.

Is that music output card in the control center? It’s like the stag who refuses to go home by himself. Sometimes, a hand is needed to open the door physically.

And All the Other Benefits You’ll Enjoy!

Despite these issues, the OnePlus Nord 2T is an exciting device:

Classy and Clever:

They’ve improved their cloud photo service by incorporating Google Photos. You can stop stressing over losing your priceless recollections.

A Step Above in Safety and Confidentiality:

Improved controls over who can view your photos and videos ensure your privacy.

Increased Productivity:

Faster system stability, quicker app launches, and buttery-smooth animations – it’s like giving your phone a turbo boost!

Add a Splash of Class:

A new color scheme brings a sense of calm and clarity to the design. You can think of it as giving your phone a new sense of style.

In addition, there are fun ringtones and alert sounds included in the system.

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