How to Transfer Data between iPhone & Laptop


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Quick and step by step Guide on How to Transfer data from iPhone to Computer or from Computer to iPhone.

Hello everyone, in this step by step guide I will be sharing with you a very easy way to transfer files between computer & iPhone

Step 1

Install iTunes in your Computer, depending on your OS, either it’s MacOS or Windows you can easily download and install from

Step 2

Install VLC Player in your iPhone or iPad, you can easily download by Clicking here or by searching “VLC” on App Store

Step 3

Open iTunes on Computer and VLC on mobile before connecting iPhone to PC/Mac

Step 4

Connect iPhone and Click “Trust” on your Screen

Step 5

Once your iPhone is successfully connected, You’ll see a Mobile icon on iTunes left panel side, Click on it and select File Sharing, after that you’ll see All Applications list supported File Sharing will be shown on right side of the iTunes Menu panel, Click on VLC and you’ll see another Panel on right side of application panel

Step 6

Click “Add Files” on right corner of the iTunes screen, and select files from your computer either it’s Videos, or Pictures, or Audio or PDF or any supported files, and click open, and that’s it.

Your files will be saved into your iPhone.

After successfully transferred files, open “File Manager” on your iPhone, and navigate to “On my iPhone” and choose “VLC” and select files and save wherever you want to save on your iPhone.

Transfer Files from iPhone to Computer

Before Connecting iPhone to Computer, select files on your iPhone you want to transfer to computer, and Click on “Options” logo on left lower corner of you phone, and click “Save to Files” and navigate to “VLC” and you can create separate folder if you wish to, and click Save.

After that, connect your mobile and open iTunes, go VLC and you’ll see saved files/folders within the panel, and select it and click “Save”


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