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Hello everyone, today I’m writing this post because just a few moments ago I came to know that Vivo S17 has cleared 3C Certification with 80W Fast Charging !

The reason why I’m writing is because when we see this or that company has launched this much Watts Fast charging charger we immediately go for that charger for our phone we are currently using

Here’s the main problem to ruin battery life of the smartphone or even worse then that

When you use Newly launched “Fast Charging Charger” which charges your phone faster than your regular charger, everything seems very nice and you are like OMG it’s saving my time. But actually it’s not, the faster it charges your phone more than that it ruins it’s cells life.

Then why the Companies are Launching such products?

Well, I didn’t say the product itself is harmful, it’s not, or it can be

The thing is that specific Product is designed according the technology with newer model of the mobile, while using it with old one can be dangerous.

So if you buy the same phone with that charger launched with, than there shouldn’t be any issue.

thanks for reading, keep visiting for more.


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